• Julia Papageorgiou

    Julia Papageorgiou

    Director of SEO & Paid Search Agency in Cyprus - JPP Marketing. Google Adwords Qualified Individual, Google Analytics Qualified & Chartered Marketer.

  • Steve Peltonen

    Steve Peltonen

    Adventure seeker, music lover, event and content creator, mostly focusing on Co-Founder @ Framian

  • Pace Ventures

    Pace Ventures

    We help organisations become more innovative. Love #startups, work predominantly with large corporates.

  • Javad Hatami

    Javad Hatami

    CEO & Co-founder @Builtrix. I love to build products; especially those that save time and make people’s lives easier.

  • Charlie Osborne

    Charlie Osborne

    Keeping an eye on the future. Tech | Sustainability | Intelligence | Aviation | Aerospace | Mobility | Geopolitics | Space | Ventures.

  • Toby Farren

    Toby Farren

    Founder @play_tank http://t.co/HspgY6Qmyt Capturing and focusing an organisation’s collective ideas and insights towards practical innovations.

  • Mark Constan

    Mark Constan

    Director of Recruiting, Moven @getMoven I find #Talent and help Build Orgs. #TalentFinder Loving the Philly Tech scene and #FinTech.

  • NoviCap


    Invoice Finance Made Simple.

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