No-code brings developing to a whole new audience. Source: Illustrated by Rudyitas.

The citizens of tomorrow, from today’s schoolchildren to future generations, are granted no rights. Yet for us to stand a chance of leaving the planet in a decent state, an overhaul of democracy is needed: we need a Minister for Future Generations.

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“We can’t vote, so we must strike.”

To everyone working in the financial services industry, this is our time to step up. We all have a critical role in supporting the transition to a low-carbon world.

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One simple question which made me act

Company culture is the secret sauce of many successful companies from startup to scaleup and beyond. “Culture hacking” is a rigorous way to transform your culture to get the best out of your people, fast.

Before growth comes culture

A Culture Sprint is a 4-day process for delivering impactful cultural change.

Startup culture is fundamentally flawed and needs a radical change in mindset to become people-first.

Why the “killing it” culture needs to be killed off. Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Martin Slaney

Founding member of the Openwage team. Fintech venture builder, company culture consultant and product obsessive.

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